Bike Breakfast 2024 Maps & wiki

I’ve done my best to interpret all the comments on the maps, but if you spot any errors or want to add anything, this is the thread to do it in! These have been shared with the DCC. Click on the links to jump to individual discussion pages.


Cycle routes

  • Anzac Av near Stadium: disappears.
  • Ravensbourne: “Narrow bollards make this dangerous changes to 1 instead of 2” ???
  • Ravensbourne rail crossing impossible with hand-cycle
  • MacBay Beach path / road interaction - Vegetation.
  • The Cove: Please no rubbish nibs on the shared path (full of plastic blowing into the harbour)
  • Anderson Bay Shore Street - link park to the trails [cycle path
  • Fryatt St. Disappears a Monarch car park.
  • Wharf st, just before Portsmouth drive: very narrow.
  • Princes’s Street at Andersons bay rd junction. Pain bike lane thru going south.
  • Lookout point bridge (under Riselaw Road) - there is a 2m wide strip of roicks that could be a cycleway, avoiding having to climb up ramp to Ridelaw road.
  • Signage of road through the Chisholm Park golf course: (Apparently it is Lawyers Head Road. Ref 1957 DCC vs OP. Open access?) Or a path John Wilson drive to Tomahawk Road?
  • Upgrading the track from Tomahawk Lagoon (Tomahawk Rd) to Highcliff road could be a good way to avoid having to cycle up the busy part of Highcliff.
  • SH1 cycle paths need sweeping DAILY
  • Safe route top Pine Hill … up and down.
  • Highgate not safe for kids to cycle to school - needs cycle path separated from traffic
  • Pitt street and drivers road - uphill cycle path needed. There is space!
  • George Street North at Dundas street - no crossing where pedestrian path
  • Need safe segregated route to Logan Park High School [Butts road]
  • Sign at Anzac Rd/Ravensbourne roundabout marking where cycle path begins
  • St Andrews street to city [link with harbour paths]
  • Vauxhall boat club - judder bars/speed bumps that cross the cycle path very hard to see and easily hit at speed - please remove or make more visible.
  • Southern end of Vogel Street: Direction finding difficult (possibly because designated route sucks!.
  • Southern end of Vogel Street: Traffic island makes corner too tight
  • Royal Cres: There are raised crossings where cyclists should have right of way!
  • Victoria Road between John Wilson drive and St Clair: Slow the traffic. How about a pathway (eg Kettle park),
  • Hazelhurts pass to Rainton Rd paths: remove barriers to bikes on paths.
  • Steer/Encorage people to go round Queens Gardens to avoid having to cross SH1

Danger areas

  • Tomahawk Rd Cemetery Junction (Tahuna Road/Minto Street/Tomahawk Road)
  • Kenmure Rd. nr Newport st and Roseberry st. Cars cut in on the bends.
  • Pine Hill rd just after SH1 junction. “Add drop crossings” ???
  • Warrender and Lachlan Ave: Uphill shared footpath, with dropped curb and crossing on Queen St : Warrender and Lachlan Ave, with dropped curb and crossing on Queen St - [several people agreed]
  • Great Kings Street North, adjacent to the botanical Gardens. Not a safe place to change sides. Make foot path shared.
  • Diagonal Parking on Dundas and Castle street is dangerous
  • Wharf Street crossing under flyover - several comments: “needs traffic lights”, “Tricky Crossing”, “Terrible Crossing”. “Add watch for cyclists signs”
  • Portsmouth drive southern crossing - various suggestions - signage, courtesy crossing.
  • Portobello rd path at Anderson Bay - too narrow, poor visability
  • South Road south of SH1 is 30 kph but ignored - enforcement?
  • South Road north of SH1 has very tight pinch points especially city bound where the historic island does not help (+ vegetation is still overhanging and blocking visibility)
  • Princes street entry to South Road - don’t wait for a roundabout to fix: do it now (No curb crossing, poor signage, having to cross 2 lanes of traffic heading south). Dangerous - you end up in the middle of 2 traffic lanes.
  • Princes street at Stafford St: Pinch point where buses overtake then pull in pushing cyclists oof the road, even though there is a cycle priority box.

Traffic lights

  • Traffic lights not responding to bikes
    • Stuart Street near Moana poo:l don’t respond to bikes
    • Octagon: don’t respond to bikes
    • Barns Drive/Caversham Valley Rd (SH1): don’t respond to bikes
    • Rattray St/York Pl/Arthur St: don’t respond to bikes
  • Phased traffic lights on SH1 North and South to suit cyclists


  • All supermarkets could do with better stands - secure loops, not wheel stands. [3 other people agreed with this… “Yes, the stands bend my spokes”
  • Farmer’s market needs better bike parking.
  • Port Chalmers needs bike racks + signage for cyclists when the path stops (currently leaves tourists not knowing the way to the ferry!) + slower speed through town + a cycle lane up the main street.
  • Brockville shops
  • Mitre 10
  • Bunnings


The genesis of this page came from the following maps collected at the Bike breakfast. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge:

Inner Parking

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This is some really good stuff! And they (at least some of them) are the type of easily/cheaply fixed things that might be achievable under the current political climate.

I propose that we take each of those points and expand them into a knowledgebase / working area. A mini-wikipedia of problem areas for cycling in and around Otepoti Dunedin if you will. The DCC will be welcome to browse and contribute.

As there are approximately 50 of them, it could work nicely if one of these was published every week. Each could have one of the @members as ‘owner’ - they become the author of the ‘Original Post’ (the first post of a topic).

What do you think of having a wiki collection of cycling problems in Dunedin?
  • It is never going to work
  • It might work okay
  • Looks good - I can see it working
  • Amazing - this is just what we need
  • I want to help - sign me up as a champion!
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This is a good list. I would like to add:

  • connect the Pensinsula cycle path to the hospital (without using an
    ambulance) and the university.
  • a way to get from the Pensinsula cycle path to Bayfield High school
    (there is no way to cross the road).

Many thanks

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Echo the Ravensbourne rail crossing - most people on regular bikes have to dismount - if adapted bike, cargo bike or with panniers is very tricky.

Parking at Bunnings needs to be Sheffield stands, accessible with a trolley and not be blocked in by cars.

Fantastic effort Fraser!!

Yes I agree with the points Michel has raised and we experience it every morning when going to work.

We have collated signatures on a petition to get the DCC to do something about it and have had quite a bit of email contact with their transport department. I think it is time for more visibility from cyclists on that matter - am very happy to be involved in this one and get a thread and some action started on it.

Ka mihi

I feel encouraged to mention 2 more spots on the map:

  1. Turning left, continuing along Portobello Road towards Countdown, where it Portsmouth Drive.
  2. Crossing traffic underneath the overpass near Plato’s restaurant.

Thank you,

If we can structure the wiki well, it would be a good repository.

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Excellent!! A wiki to track problems is great and this list is a greart start, In addition, if we all had time to capture some photos or very short videos as a baseline of each problem/danger area and link these to the wiki/GIS system, then this would significantly enhance the understanding and prioritisation of each issue and keep the wiki as a living /current document. The audidence could be everyone from councillors to roading engineers to Spokes members.
THis link has some great info about free- GIS for community groups. e.g. ESRI (non-profit) and QGIS
I would be quite happy to snap some video/photos of the listed and other areas as I come across them.

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Well, I feel encouraged!

To that end, I’ve wikified the first post (which will become our index) and will look to build out a dedicated wiki library shortly.

Every logged in user can edit the wiki, and I’d encourage you to put your name against any which appeal to you. The best way to do that is to @mention yourself as I have.

This looks great!

I’d love to help but am new here and have to admit I don’t totally understand how to use this site yet. I’ve put my name next to a parking issue on the wiki, but am unsure of what to do next. Is there a user guide or something that explains about building/editing wikis?

Just a general comment; keen to see a city bike nework instead of all disconnected bikelanes which will help with the uptake of biking in Dunedin.

  1. connecting the railway station to george street (wider pedestrian footpaths and dedicated bike lane.
  2. have a pop-up bike lane along george st (knox block) that connects to the new to build albany st.

"Always think at the network level.

To establish it as a viable mobility choice, cycle infrastructure must be treated as a series of connections—like roads or rails—designed with continuity, cohesion, visibility and comfort in mind."