Warrender and Lachlan Ave: Uphill shared footpath, with dropped curb and crossing on Queen St


The idea of an uphill only shared path is not new: there is one up SH1 to Pinehill and one on Lovelock Ave from Dundas.

There are potentially many other places that this could be a benefit, not just Warrender.


  • Obvious: Cars try to overtake on the corner - the kind ones hang back and wait, but not all do.
  • Not so obvious: Further up Lachlan where the road bend slightly left, I have had many close passes - the cars are going faster at this point.


  • conflict with pedestrians
  • width of the pavement
  • crossing Queen Street (could be set back from the junction)

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Totally agree on this one - it would be a low-cost change for a significant safety and comfort gain on a key route.

I can see this being particularly useful for those on eBikes dropping/picking up their kids at schools at either end of this road (e.g. Maori Hill Primary or George Street Normal).

I’ve added the location to the Topic itself; this would be a better way to include a map on the technical front as it then means we will be building a wiki map at the same time with no additional effort. It might take a bit of tweaking to get it working properly though!

I’ve also pulled out the title as it scrambled the automatic Table of Contents a little; I put it in the Topic title, and put in Overview instead.