Phased traffic lights

The original submission was “Phase traffic lights on SH1 North and South to suit cyclists”

Unfortunately the phasing is set to suit cars travelling at the 50kph limit. Given the huge spread of speeds that bikes go, having a phase set that suited bikes would be problematic, even if one could convince Waka Kotahi to favour bicycles over cars…!

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In several places in Christchurch (particularly large / busy roads with variable traffic and dedicated cycle lanes/ways), they have bike sensors for this exact reason.

I would certainly prefer this over the current situation of both:

  1. Cyclists having to wait at most lights and
  2. Cars having to wait when there is no cyclist needing to cross.

I’m not sure it would be that problematic - I agree that there is zero chance of changing the straight ahead light phasing for cars, but there is huge scope for change with altering the ‘car right turn’ and ‘cyclist straight ahead’ timings to link up better for cyclists. Simply increasing the time the cycle light stays green for and restricting right turns, or having turning vehicles give way to cyclists instead of the light system, would make a huge difference.

It seems like we here at Spokes Dunedin forum are reinventing the wheel here in trying to argue the case for cyclists at a very low level of detail. I agree with all these sentiments above, but these principles are all well established across the world. Dunedin just hasn’t adopted the playbook for cycling yet. If the Urban transport planners and Waka Kotahi followed “Good Design Principles”, then Dunedin cycling wouldn’t be the abomination that it is.

We need to focus on encouraging and guiding city planners to follow established best practices for cycle lane design - and Coordinated Traffic lights is just one of many basic design principles to enhance traffic flow and encourage cyclists. Agreed, it is no good building good cycle path if the cyclist is greeted with a big “Stuff you” :fu: at every intersection.

There is a 4 Second Green bike light at every intersection along the oneway. I’ve timed this. By the time I accelerate on Cumberland street, I’m seeing an orange light while I’m still in the intersection. This is barely enough time for a good cyclist, let alone 2-3 slower cyclists stacked up at the long Red lights. Absolutely laughable Dunedin :laughing:.

Here is the statement right out of Auckland Transport’s own playbook/design guidelines :loudspeaker: :

When used, signal coordination must be optimised to take into account the needs of all road users. Delays for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport vehicles need to be minimised. furthermore, cycle speeds should be considered when planning signal coordination along bicycle routes. Ideally, signal coordination would allow both cyclists and motorised traffic to travel through a series of intersections without stopping.

Cycling takes Effort, it takes energy. Making a cyclist :biking_man: discard their hard-earned speed at many intersections is despicable. It’s only fair to make the persons whom only have of to move their foot 2cm to accelerate :oncoming_automobile: :red_car: do the waiting at lights. :vertical_traffic_light:

I love all these ideas, but as a group I think we need to focus on leading the horse to water (i.e. Dunedin Planners to follow the established playbook) and let them focus on the minutiae.

Great tiktok post by Elliot Blyth talking about these traffic lights which doesnt help and lead to bikers waiting a long time. It would be greqt if we had sensors like in Auckland and Christchurch that detect bikes.

P.s. wanted to share this as a video but it doesnt allow me.

He’s right about the traffic lights. Everyone who has ridden on HWY 1 thru Dunedin knows about the FOUR second Green bike lights- you have to be quick. Also hopefully no more than couple of cyclists infront or you’re going to be slappped with a red light and yes the sequencing is terrible.
However I couldn’t disagree more with the videos assertion that the bike lanes are other “good and so safe”. Dunedins Bike Lanes the most disastrous urban bike lanes ive ever seen in 35 years of cycle commuting around the globe. Hated by cyclists and drivers alike.
Heres the bad:

  1. Unsafe - no physical barriers from cars pulling out. Numerous reports of collisions/near missed and videos capturing this on this forum.
  2. wide the narrow then wide - not wide enufff to pass slower cyclists in many places
  3. Weaving.
  4. COnstantly merging with traffic then unmerging
  5. Lanes end and cross to other side without warning.
  6. Juxtaposed to major consturction site of hospital.
  7. Peds often use bike lane as no sidewalk (eg by off the chain bike shop)
  8. Traffic Light Coordination is well discusssed in this earlier spokes forum post .

If we’re serious about encouraging cyclists- then make cycling faster compared to driving in a car… No wonder so few commuters take their bike - its barely faster than driving. Not the 100% faster that im used to most cities.

Anyway its good to see forums like TikTok gather such attention and i encourage everyone to film their scommutes as they dice with Death on Dunedin’s dodgy pathways.

I’ve moved the two post above here, as it is all under the same theme of poor lights on the One Way.

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