What do you think about this concept?

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While that would be a pretty sweet cycling highway (albeit it a bit too Kermit green for my liking), I don’t think that is what we are getting:

Yup, parking on the left and a bit of a bidirectional cycling / pedestrian potpourri on the right.

However, I reckon that most peds will do their wandering closer to the shops so that ‘lane’ will be essentially bike / scooters mostly.

Good idea. Common in the Netherlands. It’s called 2-minus-1.

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itl be interesting how it all pans out after its done. maybe once its completed, after a year we can sit with a cup of coffee watching where people walk most commonly on this street, and if that road comes to be a hazard due to it blending in a little bit more with the footpaths around it. but we will see.