Vogel Street - making it people friendly

Kia ora,
Pretty new to Dunedin and a keen biker and from the Netherlands and involved with advocacy. Anyway, headed to Vogel St. last weekend, which is a great space.

Actually reminded me a bit of Bordeaux / Amsterdam Noord if you think away all the car parking. A cool spot for great cafe’s and innovative businesses. It would be great to also see some great restaurants / bars here to attract a crowd after hours.

Just wondering if there are any plans to improve this space to make it a bit more people friendly - maybe even have a bike lane along this street would be great. I spotted a dad with his kid cycling on the footpath on a grey saturday afternoon, imagine if we would make it safe? More people would come to this neck of the woods.
Any thoughts?

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The funny thing is that you are looking at this after it has been done up to make it people friendly! It was a project 5 years ago or so, and was actually a big improvement over the semi-industrial wasteland that was there before.

Also, I suspect I was that dad + kid on the footpath on Saturday!

But I totally agree, a lot could be achieved with a bit of a facelift, toning down of the car-centric messaging, and making it safe for folk to ride on the road.

Vogel Street is an awesome route to get from Queens Gardens to close to the Oval. It’ll be a bit quiet this time of the year but gets a ni e vibe over summer.

I did read a couple of years ago that it had indeed been floated as a route to firmly encourage cyclists to use. With the correct rejigging at the Oval end it could tie in nicely with the pathway coming in from beside the motorway. That’s the lovely shared path that will get heaps more use in the future once the Two Tunnels Trail is opened.

Haha funny. Great to see more people exploring this cool space. And yes, I heard this space got redone a while ago. Which is awesome! But so much cars along these streets though. Remove street car parking would be great to make this a much more people friendly street for families and everyone else.

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Thanks Duncan. Great to hear that is route to encourage cyclists to use. Removing parking, making it a 30kmh speed limit and have a bike lane would really help.