Vogel St-Oval-South Rd bike route Suggestion

Here’s my idea of how the Two Tunnels Trail could be connected with the CBD and the Railway station via Vogel Street.

I really love @jessica idea of a Dutch-style bicycle roundabout being incorporated into any new roundabout at the intersection of Princes St, Maitland St and South Rd, but I guess it’ll depend on the final form of the bike route going up South Road. If it’s a bidirectional shared pathway on the left hand side of South Road going towards Caversham, tying in with the existing pathway by the motorway, then maybe a Dutch roundabout wouldn’t work here.

My other idea is to cut out a bit of the dog leg behind the War Memorial by running a shared pathway through that corner of the Oval. I already cut across the grass there on my bike when going from Vogel Street towards South Rd and I suspect others do too.

A pathway in front of the War Memorial (but not too close) could be controversial, but people would benefit from having all-weather access that could also be used by veterans in wheelchairs, mobility scooters etc.

Finally, as some have suggested before, perhaps there could be a greater emphasis on making Vogel Street the primary cycling access between South Dunedin and the CBD. It’s a faster and more pleasant option for cycling than the one way system, with no traffic lights.

I can see that working.

It would be very useful to have the Andy Bay Road / Gordon Street / Princes St / Vogel Street interaction tidied up more urgently; this is currently the sketchiest bit when attempting to cycle with children from the Oval into town.

For those who are interested in Dutch Roundabouts (from the post in Biking in Dunedin):

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