Town Belt Reserve Management Plan review - submissions

DCC is seeking feedback on their review of the current Town Belt Reserve Management Plan. This plan includes many parks and reserves with no/poor cycle infrastructure (the Oval, Woodhaugh Gardens - and most of the green spaces in between).

I’ve made a submission asking for better cycling infrastructure (specifically, cycle stands and bike paths) at several locations. If you’d like to submit, here’s the link:

This page includes a link to the current plan and a good map of the whole area covered. Click the ’ Town Belt Reserve Management Plan feedback ’ button to submit feedback.

The deadline for submissions is Monday 1 April.

Great reminder - I’ll do so now too. The town belt is an interesting one: I bet that with a bit of rearranging of paths they could engineer some great cycling & walking routes through the belt.

For starters I think I’d put a modal filter at the top of Cosy Dell and make it a safer car-free access route to avoid Warrender and Drivers Road.


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Yes! I saw this a week or so back and made a submission; a few more cycle paths through the belt would be a major asset, both in terms of safe off road passages and to get more people using the beautiful green spaces - I also mentioned the signage in Jubilee park - this is the one part of the belt where some biking is allowed at present, but the route is very confusing


I’ve responded as myself, but I can also respond on behalf of spokes: but before I do that I need to make sure that I can reflect the views of Spokes, so keep your comments coming and I’ll ensure that I reflect your views.


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Yes, I also put something about better wayfinding signage throughout the entire Town Belt. All the little paths are great, but are not very useful unless you actually know where they go ahead of time.

I find the bike track at Jubilee Park a bit baffling too :laughing:

Thanks for the heads up. Would be great to make this a green corridor for people instead of a focus on cars. Safe wide footpaths, dedicated bike lanes and slow down speeds for cars.