The path connecting the Railway Station and the Harbour Walkway

On a ride today I took a few photos of the sort of stuff we should look at encouraging finishing and changing to make safer and more useable, particularly for kids.

Not sure if you know the path connecting the railway station to the harbour walkway. A few photos and comments below if you do.

The cycle way ends and starts again 30m later
The footpath to Anzac ave is a shared path, but not much to say it is, and ends with nothing
Presumably this is a shared crossing which then goes back onto the road
Cycle lane starts in the middle of nowhere the goes between heavy straight and turning traffic on state highway. Shared path possible but could be a bit wider
As above
Shared path or bidirectional cycle lane possible on Anzac ave connecting to lane near Railway Station
Why do pedestrians and cycles swap sides?
Nice cycle lane, but very expensive and not connected to anything similar
How come come cycle lane ends straight into state highway
Cycleway ends 300m before harbour shared path

Yup, I’ve done it many times, and agree with all the issues. There are plenty, and it is pretty typical of most of the cycling routes around Dunedin (and NZ for that matter).

I think starting by working together with the Council to fix a few things like this has a really good cost/ benefit, and would start the ball rolling!

Is it Brums A38 central cycleway in Birmingham that doesn’t work well?

Yup. It is their equivalent of the one-way system cycleway in Dunedin. Expensive, and few use it.

Nice photo opportunities for the politicians of people riding through the trees, but not designed for use and safety!

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