Staged approach likely for proposed tunnels trail

I’d just like to see it happen! Don’t care how. The sooner the better.

Cc. @GerardH

The Trust still sees the project as a single complete trail, but development would be in order of the 2 stages mentioned. We certainly don’t want it to be 2 separate projects! If Govt money isn’t forthcoming then a cheaper “just-get-it-open” option could potentially be considered. Once Chain Hills tunnel repairs are complete we’ll be planning another Open Day for public access (not the instantly available option reported!). In the meantime say tuned for the AP submission call early next week via the DTTT website and FB pages :smiley:

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Absolutely. I reckon just pushing for the bare basics option sooner rather than a fancy, pricy version later is the way to go. But will the Chain Hills tunnel section be open to cyclists too Gerard, even just as part of a recreational loop to begin with?

We’re hoping to create a walking loop: through CH tunnel then up private land to the Chain HIlls paper road track along the top. The landowner does not want cyclists riding up or down that section of the hill above the tunnel cutting (sorry Duncan) as the land itself is soft and would cut up very quickly. But there’d be nothing stopping people riding through and back in the tunnel itself. The walking track would be a ‘temporary’ loop until the full trail is completed.