Social Pinpoint - Strategic walking and cycling networks review

All have been invited to comment directly on this interactive map (and it is quite slick):

The blurb from the site set up by DCC:

Strategic walking and cycling network review

We are starting a review of our strategic walking and cycling routes developed in 2013. This project will result in a Walking and Cycling Masterplan that identifies what has changed and where our main walking and cycling routes should be. This will help us put together a programme of works to improve those routes and make them safe.

We would like to hear from you and the people you represent about key issues, opportunities and challenges you face when walking and cycling, and where you think our main routes should be. The route map shows existing routes and routes proposed in the 2013 Strategic network

We will engage further over the next few months.

I encourage everyone to have a go at the interactive map - especially in their local area.

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