Simeon Brown to freeze all cycling funding

Incredibly disappointing news today that the new Minister of Transport, Simeon Brown, has put a freeze on all walking, cycling and public transport projects across the country. I guess, locally that means the Two Tunnels Trail is facing a huge hurdle unless the DCC comes to the rescue.

Very disappointing. This is pure trumpism, strolling into government making executive mandates that undermine the work done by hundreds of bureaucrats and volunteer advocacy groups. No mention of this prior to election n. Now everyone is a pawn to the minister of the day? Usual old arguments from an uninformed minister and focuses on “unquantified” environmental benefit rather than the time saving benefit of cycle commuting and health and well being benefits. NZ is really entrenching into the dark ages and future generations will pay for these mistakes. People make a stand!!

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As Patrick Morgan pointed out, this is NOT how the system currently works. Simeon Brown is showing his lack of experience, and arrogance, in doing this, but Waka Kotahi/NZTA is just as bad by following his “orders”. First, govt policy updates the GPS, then the NZTA Board determines how to implement the GPS, and only then projects are funded/de-funded. Trumpism indeed!

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No matter what politicians do, it is still my decision wether I take the car to get arround or my bike. Real change never comes from politics but from the people. So lets get out and be a good example.

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I’m somewhat half-minded about the Government’s new style of interaction about policy with Waka Kotahi. It seems in the past NZTA have been more than capable of ignoring the previous Governments directions (I’m seem to recall the 2017 GPS from the Greens being ignored).

I think we won’t know exactly what their plan is until April/May.

In either case we need to create a cohesive, unified and compelling message to lobby ministers across portfolios to demonstrate the fiscal and social benefits of active travel and get our project priorities funded and built.


Another reason for Spokes and any other advocacy groups to combine forces. Important for us to have good conversations with council why we need to focus on cycling and PT to provide transport choices.

On this topic, I’d like to organise a meeting in the new year of the various Dunedin / Ōtepoti transport and accessibility focused groups (public transport, bus, walking, commuter cycling, disability access, recreational cycling, Tunnels Trust etc… ) to get alignment on a plan to confront the project funding and messaging challenges that are presently faced.

I’m currently proposing Sunday 14th January - more details to follow.



Yes, I’m very keen. Do you want me to promote it on the Biking in Dunedin group? I could set it up as an Event.

great idea, but i would suggest waiting until School is back in February as a lot of interested parties will be on vacation in Mid January. And perhaps an after work evening would suit better. Maybe frame the meeting as the creation of an alliance or coalition working group for gaining access to funding. I was part of a “Greenways Trail Alliance” in canada and this worked well and represented about 10 different trail user groups sometimes with competing interests. As a group they had 10 fold the memebership of any individual grouip and therefore a much greater voice for accesing funding.

We’ve got the Bike Breakfast happening in mid February - which I plan on using as a catalyst for bringing people together to not just celebrate the cycling community, but more importantly, to galvanise their support in a practical way.

I think there will be multiple alignment meetings, because as Bob suggests, people are often away etc - and so I agree have a second, larger and more expansive meeting in February.

An Alliance you say?

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Lots of great commentary about Port Chalmers Cycleway from people for and against cycleways

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Hi @jon.dean is this meeting at the 14th still going ahead? More info would be greatly appreciated.

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Not only cancels bike paths but Symbian Brown also only gives 9% of road funding to south Island roads but we have 25% of the country’s population The Press. It’s time to make sure our Dunedin MPs get our fair share of funding now and retrospectively. Either that or we form a new country Te Wai Pounamu.

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