Rich variety of scenery on part-completed cycle trail

I’m looking forward to checking this out:

There is an update here (currently behind a paywall):

Anyone done it?

The barbed wire - current issue!

I just went and rode the middle third of this section last week - riding very nicely! The two tunnels are pretty cool:

Our friendly farmer is still a bit upset, but no big problem for riders at the mo - just one gate to lift your bike over (and take the left fork around the partially open gate):

I was told by a friendly local walking the track that the Trust is actively negotiating with landowner and hopefully the situation will be resolved soon.

The other (North) end of the landowner’s property:

Hot tips:

  1. Bring a torch as the tunnels are dark dark dark

  2. Bring $10 as the elderflower cordial that can be purchased on the Lawrence side of the tunnels is sublime (and tricky to buy without cash)

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Additional tip when riding in summer: remember to remove your sunnies when biking through the tunnel (don’t ask! :smirk:)

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