Raised pedestrian crossings

Small things like these raised crossings can make a huge difference. It slows down cars and makes it safer to cross for pedestrians and bikes (if they are build correctly).

Would be great to see more raised crossings like this here in Dunedin.

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As you say we need more of these, built correctly. We already have outside many schools such as NEV Primary, George St Normal, but the one outside DNI is colored but not raised. The two outside John McGlashan are raised and red but not technically marked as Zebra crossings nor do they have lights. Very haphazard in dunedin and no consistency. I mean who has the right of way at McGlashan? pedestrians? Cars? And what happens to cyclists at McGlashan - they get squashed. Maybe they should rename it to John McSquashing Cyclists college.
John McGlashan:

NEV School - good clear example:

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Yes totally agree. The first one says; “cars still has right of way” so this actually doenst help at all. Council could’ve saved money by not building it, because it doesn’t improve safety for people crossing here at all.

Also both examples are way too low, which as a result means, people are still speeding through here. A good raised pedestrian crossing actually slows down cars to 20-30kmh.

Here is a great article about them; Road safety: Making the case for raised safety platforms (abley.com)

And some images of raised pedestrian crossings that are build correctly and that slow cars down;

This last image doesn’t have the zebra , but the gradient is quite high, so cars actually stop in front of it, or after it as seen in this photo (make sure there is wait space for cars otherwise they just block the crossing). This crossing is on Ponsonby Road Auckland where car drivers misbehave so badly, but due to the design of the road people actually behave.