Quarterly DCC/Spokes/BUGs meeting

DCC/Spokes/BUGs meeting
14th May 2024

Attending: Simone Handwerk (DCC), Nic Blanchard (DCC), Nick (DCC Comms and Engagement), Roy Johnston (NZTA Team lead safety engineer, Dunedin based), Anja McAlevey (NZTA, working on SH1 and SH88 project), Stephen Macknight, Matt Jenks, Fraser Stephens

Apologies: Duncan Davidson

  • Cycle crash reporting tool. Hard to find. DCC: Make better links to it and promote. 16 or so entries. Need to fix the map. Need timely checking.

  • Broken railing on St. Andrew Street, near railway crossing… needs to be fixed (might be KiwiRail?). Highlights the need for better separation along that road. General points about messy crossings, eg west to east harbour path. DCC: Needs be addressed as part of Harbour Arterial 4 Project. (Currently DCC are planning a 1 year plan for this year, planning 9 year plan next year - will have to put this on this: widen shared path and buffer. DCC currently sort on staff. AM: Funding for walking and cycling so reduced that we are all up against it. Moving SH88 and St Andrew’s Street is not Walking and Cycling, but has to be funded by Walking and Cycling budget. Potentially won’t be funded… DCC having to thinking of clever ways to fund things.

  • Musselburgh Rise crossing to Queens Drive. Hard to cross, no visibility, would need curb buildout. Initial work 90% funding from Transport Choices, but that funding discontinued, so would have to be 100% DCC funding and that has been cut. Curb buildout probably $15-$20k. Simone will look into it again.

  • Port Chalmers - end of the shared path: drops you onto SH and mixes with heavy traffic before the destinations in PC. RJ: yes, a gap, not thought about it. Can’t put in painted path due to parking. No project to do anything. Port Chalmers refuses to lose parking or let cycling on footpath. SM: Move parking off-street to site that is for sale? Serious safety issue.

  • George st parking: Not obvious. Adding “Except Cyclists” under the no entry. Looking at options. Hard to see where the actual cycle path is. Sandwich boards often in the way

  • Cycleways on SH1 one-way. Can we revisit the intersections? AM: looking at the consistency of junctions - will come to us for feedback. NZTA: “One-way” options - P1 vs P2/3 - P1 includes “Enhanced” cycleway, so won’t be removed unless a replacement is found.

  • SM: Quieter streets: What can be done to better inform drivers that they are shared spaces? RJ: with current govt we have limited opportunities to fund anything. DCC: have proposed 30 zones but if not passed by council this year it won’t happen. DCC waiting for more info from govt before putting it to council. Will have to refine it. Will be more hearings. RJ: Waiting for transport minister to set rules. Lots of councils pushing forward despite govt policy to stop. RJ: Speed limit is currently still a council issue (unless Transport Minister re-writes the rules… economic impact over safety. Draft probably still 2 months away) 13 councils have progressed stuff, but not DCC.

  • Albany street: Another consultation (on parking) in 3 weeks, due to the businesses along the street. SH to notify us when this happens. SM: Can’t we use this to demonstrate how a quiet/shared street can work? SH: maybe on Leith Street. Discussion as to how to make it feel like this? Continuous sharrows? No curbs, raised crossing etc.

It would be great to have these targetted thoughts rolled into our (stuttering) Improvements Wiki

We have a link to this on our site (Near Miss Report)