Proposed network

They are after some feedback on this. It is just high level at this stage, with no detail.

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The Thomas burns drive shared path should be on there and in green.

Thanks for posting this Steve. When you say “they” I assume you’re referring to Dunedin City Council? Perhaps one of us can post this up on the “Biking in Dunedin” Facebook group, and also remind members there to sign up with Better Streets.


Maybe that would be good, but they don’t want to be overwhelmed with comments directly so best they come through ’Biking in Dunedin’ or 'Better Streets’


Curious that this map of cycling routes does not include the easiest route over the Highgate Ridge from the CBD.

Peter McDonald
Stop for the Bus

Share the Way @ 30K


Can you mark it on a map and I will let them know what you think.


Can you mark on a map where you think it should go



the easiest route from the CBD over to Kaikorai Valley is Maclaggan St/Serpentine Ave/Hawthorne Ave/choice of 2/ Stone St. Well worth an extra K or two for my money.

Peter McDonald
Stop for the Bus

Share the Way @ 30K

Boy it would be good to have a map which we could mark usefully as a ‘wiki’ and have it evolve over time (removing the gumpf) and then using as an ongoing reference. It is a bit tricky @steve having us mark on a map what we mean and then posting it here (evidenced by no-one doing it).

I was quite impressed by the now closed DCC walking / cycling one and wonder if it would be possible to something similar.

We tried this in the past, but it didn’t fly as it would take quite a lot of work to get usable:

Map questions:

I think he means this:

Screenshot 2023-04-22 09.13.58

100% behind Peter on his suggestion.

I’ll post the map on Biking in Dunedin later today.

Ok everyone, shall I or someone else pop up the map on the Biking in Dunedin group today? And definitely have some links to Better Streets. I’ll post it up if no-one else has time, but I’m happy if someone else wants to as I feel a bit embarrassed that two-thirds of the posts on Biking in Dunedin are from me. I don’t want the group to some like a one man band🙂.

As Nathan and I have discussed both online and while out biking, Better Streets and the Biking in Dunedin group have similar goals but different audiences. Better Streets has a smaller, but far more focussed and dedicated core of keen cycling advocates, whereas Biking in Dunedin now has over 2000 members but the vast majority of them are not really at all engaged. As with many FB groups, people’s membership of them can, e very superficial.

What can we do to really raise interest and participation in cycling in our Dunedin community? Wellington is making amazing progress with their improved cycling infrastructure, due in large part to loud advocacy from their biking community. Chch and akld seem to be doing well too. Dunedin is improving but not at the speed I’d like.

What are people’s thoughts?

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Post away Duncan - as the lead admin of BiD you are almost expected to be one of the main posters so I think it’s fine coming from you.

As for increasing the implementation of cycling infrastructure and participation within the Dunedin area, the biggest impediment has always seemed to be Council staff. Even when directed by Council through Annual Plan actions, staff have been reluctant to implement solutions, or worse still implement poorly thought out solutions that have juts made things worse. There seems to be a very large blind spot internally with regards to cycling, cycling infrastructure, and the fact that we’re still 10-20+ years behind other parts of the world when it comes to transport and pedestrian infrastructure. I don’t know if it’s simple ignorance or a management reluctance to move away from the existing car-centric focus, but the result is cycling is still seen as fringe/dangerous/entitled rather than the obvious solution to commuting & recreation. As Mikael Colville-Andersen (Copenhagenize) said - it should be as ubiquitous as using a vacuum cleaner. [/rant]

I’m monitoring your suggestions. We have a version of the Social Pinpoint map that is live in the cloud; it is intended to be published publicly as part of the Masterplan in July; I’ll ask Helen if we can give you a preview perhaps as soon as 28th April when I should have the primary and secondary routes from the NOF workshop drafted in.

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That’s not my experience with staff. Unfortunately politics is a factor- hand in hand with limited “social license” to act given that most people are drivers and the story is yet to be told in a way that isn’t ideological. Looking forward to working with you all to craft the Masterplan soon, this will hopefully enable at least some policy agreement from elected members that then gives staff the mandate to get on with building the infrastructure we need.

What do you mean by “the story is yet to be told in a way that isn’t ideological?”. Is it the pro-active transport activists who are being ideological about things, or the antis?

To answer your question on ideology, I’d say everyone is ideological when it comes to transport.

It always comes down to a person’s definition of ‘fairness’, e.g. how do we share limited road space or how do we prioritise (or balance) competing interests like safety versus convenience versus efficiency.

Of course, how you structure a publicly facing narrative that is both understandable and logically fair while being effective at changing minds is half the challenge.

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What Jon said. There is an excellent resource that further answers the question called The Workshop.

Thanks for the link Cyclebenz. It’ll be good reading tonight.

Back to releasing the draft map on the “Biking in Dunedin” FB group. Are people (inc DCC and consultants etc) happy with one of us posting this? It would be good to get some feedback from the more casual Dunedin riding public, but I don’t want it to backfire for the DCC in terms of negative publicity of the ODT turning it into a potentially unhelpful story.

Also, once the DCC releases official plans, media releases etc, and probably has the ODT doing a story on it, it would be great if the DCC specifies that it’s not to be a Paywalled story.

A Paywalled story on biking infrastructure in Dunedin will almost invariably result in uninformed, anti-biking feedback from online trolls who won’t know the details.

Is that for Christchurch or Dunedin? It would certainly be great to have a sneak preview.

It would be even better to have a real live wiki version that we could collaborate towards and evolve in time. But that might be a bit tricky for everyone to get their head around!

And I feel a bit embarrased that virtually all of my posts on Biking in Dunedin are about!

I’ll post.

It’s Dunedin.

We’d prefer if Better Streets and the FB page hold on for a little bit – a public facing draft map is coming soon!

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