Open Street Maps - never really flew

I am liking this s/w: Dunedin Betterstreets - uMap

Above example is just for testing out markers, lines and polygons.

Grab a free login and link to umap and tell me your user ID and I can add you as an editor.

And for embedding, apparently the following iframe is how it is done - not sure how this will work:

See full screen

We should be able to do that in the forum without too much difficulty. We can embed HTML into posts (just type away), change these into published pages, and even set up bespoke HTML pages to contain them if need be.

I look forward to playing with the maps soon.

A bump of this thread. The map is still there and the s/w allows me to assign editor roles. You should be able to see the map and the 3 “features” I have added, but if you tell me your login details (I use a free openstreetmap login and suggest you do too… other options are github, bitbucket and twitter) I can add you as an editor.

The base map can be changed, OpenCycleMap is good but there are plenty of other options (B&W ones that make annotations stand out better)

I’ll try and add some ideas in the next 24hrs.

Short URL:

iFrame embed:

See full screen

I haven’t quite worked out how to embed them yet - searching for some documentation. Or do I just iframe that link? I’ve enabled iframes for that domain.

Here is some html that works after a bit of playing around. It is pretty good I reckon!

There are other ways that we can publish it so that it is still within but has more breathing space. Will demo them soon.

<iframe width="100%" height="500" frameborder="0" src="">


This shows you how to restrict access:

Yes, saw that. At the moment it set to anyone. Have you got an openstreetmap login? I’d like to test permissions before investing too much time populating the map.

Not yet, but I’ll set one up shortly and let you know the particulars.


My username for is NathanBSNZ (using my usual email address)

Ah - found the right code (which is actually given as a link within the map under the ‘share’ link). It needs https to be put in the front of the link in order to work. I’ve made it so that it hides the menu nicely (with just the fullscreen option showing) and the size seems good.

<iframe width="100%" height="500px" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen src=""></iframe><p><a href="//">See full screen</a></p>
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Photos of the Spokes Bike Breakfast maps here:

(Nathan, I assume uploads to OUR site are full res)

Yup, they are. Max size 6mb but that can be stretched. As you can see, they display sensibly with one-click enlargement and an option of full image download.

For bigger things, it would be best to host them in Google drive or similar and link to them.

Does not appear to know you - maybe if you log in to with your login it will find you?

I was just being a bit thick and missed that they are different services. Signed up properly now:

You should now be able to edit…

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