North Dunedin Cycle Network

Network using the less busy parallel streets. Easier to do and better to use! For all!

North Dunedin Cycle Network

  1. Leith St North turned into 30km/hr ‘Cycle Street’ (note even if you think SH1 is well used by students going south, Great King St going north is not convenient and not used by many).
  2. Montgomery Ave Cycle Street,
  3. New cycle bridge over Leith beside and upstream to existing so little visual impact,
  4. Leith walk behind the university is already used by cyclists, and allowed to be used by University. Legally they can’t stop it being used as it is a public road.
  5. Shared space beside university buildings can be widened and safely improved,
  6. New cycle bridge over Leith,
  7. Leith St South turned into ‘Cycle Street’,
  8. Union St turned into Cycle Street (or bidirectional protected cycle lane if traffic volume too great)
  9. Logan Park Drive turned into Cycle Street to give access to Logan Park and Logan Park High.
  10. ST David St Bidirectional protected cycle lane form the university to George St ( or Cycle Street if vehicle numbers can be reduced).

I love it Steve, and think that it genuinely doable. It would be significantly more pleasant than the incumbent tracks, and well connected.

I’ve moved it to dunedin as it is local to us here.

What is the next move?