Look at this cool video from the Bike breakfast

And the article it was shared in:


This looks great - lots of cyclists interacting. I was away on vacation during this period and couldn’t attend. Can I make suggestion for next Bike Breakfast 2025: I notice in this video, the shade of the railway station makes this even a bit dark and cold looking. Can you move it a few hundred meters to the north to the city run carpark adjacent to Steadfast Joinery to the north of Farmers Market. This will get tonnes of sun and is a safe dead-end carpark that is adjacent to the anzac ave bike paths. Maybe not quite the visability of the railway station to pique the curiosity of drivers, but a nice sunny location instead. Maybe there are other better sunnier spots too.

One of the drawcards for the Station location is that we can keep the food dry if it is raining.

Sun and dry would be good of course!!!

This was already a couple of months ago, right? Or has there been anew one?

Just the one in Feb. Once a year.