Invitation to the ‘Enemy’

Could members of this forum be able to consider a reasonable representation from the pro-car lobby from Otepoti council. It’s all very well using Steve Walker and his voice here, but I am interested in getting a better dialogue with someone like Jules Radich because clearly convincing him of the value add of cycling/pedestrian friendlier city planning. Of course, all discourse with him needs to be reasonable (and from him too?). Ideas placed here otherwise will get little traction?

Hi Jason - great to have you on here.

Such a good point that we need to engage constructively with those who hold other view. However, I honestly don’t know how to achieve that though an online forum. is better suited for collaboration towards the common goal making our streets better for all.

Changing the entrenched views of others is a completely different kettle of fish, and something that very rarely occurs as a result of public debate / discourse!!

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I agree in part, but all discussions and ideas here will just mimic an echo chamber, in which we all agree with each other. I don’t see a lot of value in that personally. I have been reviewing ideas from the other side and contributed critique with a sense of being listened to. Streets are public places with many different faces. I don’t know how better discourse takes place otherwise

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