Fix it form - DCC

The DCC have a form which can be used to report issues with any infrastructure - including cycleways, footpaths, etc etc. I’m not sure how effectively they respond to these reports, but it is worth a crack.

Please share any positive or negative experiences that you might have had with using it in this thread!

Just an update to my fix it form submitted on Saturday

Thank you for your email regarding broken glass on the cycleway beside the Caversham Motorway.
This information has now been forwarded directly through to the Transport Delivery Department Contractor for their attention.


I am feeling a sense of deja vu - as this happened last time I tried to resolve the constant broken glass issue on this cycleway and at that time NZTA bounced me back to the DCC and I gave up "Thank you for your email regarding broken glass on the cycleway beside the Caversham Motorway.

The Transport Department have now advised that this area falls under the jurisdiction of NZTA, (New Zealand Transport Agency), not the Dunedin City Council, as it is part of the State Highway area. Their email address is

If you have any further queries, please contact us."

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Spokes did a bit of a campaign about this a couple of years ago, and I’m afraid we got nowhere too. We’d report it, we’d photo graphy is and post on twitter and link the council, our chairperson had conversations with various people and… no real change. The most they can do is report it to the street cleaners, but they appear to work to a schedule so the glass takes days or weeks to actually get swept up.

To be honest the problem isn’t the sweeping, but the students throwing the bottles. I really can’t understand why the university tolerates it - it is a blight on the whole establishment. Ban glass if necessary. Use CCTV to prosecute the offenders (it is a crime, after all). Make it clear anyone caught will be sent down. It might be a tradition but it is time it stopped.

@frstep the issue in this case isn’t the students, it is the bounce back between DCC and NZTA

However I will now email NZTA

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There has been further discussion on this in Biking in Dunedin, with @Barb passing it onto the NZTA. According to one contributor (Laura), the DCC will in fact respond to overgrown vegetation issues pretty quickly:

Here is the topic: