"Far more pleasant for walkers and cyclists": 20mph speed limit analysis

Some analysis of the impact of the 20mph speed limit in urban areas in Wales. No deep insights unfortunately, but interesting reading in our current context of a major political party threatening to remove all recently introduced 30kph limits here.

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Awesome! Do you have a reference for that by any chance?

Glen Koorey posted this:

Another good piece on the battle to reduce speeds:

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And another one: xkcd: Urban Planning Opinion Progression

I just got to experience some 20mph zones in San Francisco.

While many drivers do speed (and it doesn’t seem to be very policed), they slow down noticeably around other users - maybe because they know it is now officially naughty.

Anyway, it combines quite nicely with the painted ‘bike’ on the road and makes it actually a useful way to denote that bikes are welcome.

And yes, there is a Miramar (at least Miramar Street) in a place other than Wellington it seems.