E BIKE act introduced to US congress

We need an E BIKE act for NZ!


It would be awesome; however, eBike numbers are rising pretty nicely without one at the mo.

I am sure the number of e-bikes are rising but for whom? Always important to apply an equity lens to transport issues. A rebate, if designed well, would allow those on low income to access this game changing technology

Ebike usage seems to be booming - as hire bikes and ‘adventure’ bikes from what I saw in Central Otago over Easter. However, as a mechanism for a transportation change they are ideal - and the idea of a rebate for E-cars needs to be extended to ‘E-Transport’. Half the cost of a car rebate could buy a bike outright, and provide a commute solution.

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I’d love to see ebikes being subsidised too, but fear there would be a backlash from lots of people who’d see it as a subsidy for recreational “e-boomers” riding from winery to cafe to winery in Central Otago.

More research needs to be done, and figures compiled, to show that ebikes are making a big impact in terms of encouraging cycle commuting. I think anecdotally we could say “yes, it’s happening already”, but we need more figures to back it up.

Maybe it could be better for the government to invest that money in promoting, subsidising and even mandating better cycle facilities (bike storage, showers and changing rooms) at workplaces.

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I think if people knew how good e-bikes are, and we had adequate facilities for commuting, people would use them. Why not subsidise them, after all we do already subsidise roads and parking, and everybody wins if we can get car numbers down!

It is quite a challenging policy to put together in a way that focuses on commuting rides (and therefore reduces congestion etc). I do like the Clean Car Emissions Levies in that they are fiscally neutral and are really just transferring the cost from one set of new car buyers to a different set of new car buyers.

And that’s next big problem we need to address: 100 BEV cars take the same space and create the same conjestion as 100 ICE cars. Yes, assists in the Carbon emissions problem, but not the overall mode shift that we need.