DCC Cycle Hazard or Incident form

The DCC informed us that they have updated and amalgamated the Dunedin City Council ‘Cycle Hazard or Incident’ do it online form and the DCC ‘Cycle Crashes and Near Misses’ webpages.

The updated page can be found here: Report a cycle hazard or incident - Dunedin City Council

When filling out the report form, if you tick the “Other” box under “Issue/Type of Problem” your report will go directly to Transport staff for consideration.

If you tick any of the other boxes (broken glass, gravel, litter, faded road markings), your report will go to the contractor responsible for maintenance so the issue can be resolved.

(The DCC is aware that googling “DCC cycle hazard” is not currently operating properly and the first link supplied by Google is broken. The second link will take you to the above ‘Cycle Hazard or Incident’ page. They are working with Google to resolve this.)

We will pass and feedback made here on to the DCC.

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We had the BikeMaps link on our site before (is referenced in the DCC link):

I’ve changed it to the link above (is in the main links of the page):