Cycle Safe Street - Leith St South

Attached is image of Leith St South. It’s not a design as such, as there is a bit more to think about in terms of dimensions, particularly around intersection, and cycle lane widths.

The idea is to go a bit further than a NZ ‘Neighbourhood Greenway’, which to me still feels much too much like a normal road, towards the Dutch version, which makes car drivers feel they are driving on a cycleway, and must give way to cyclists.
The idea of the cycleway being central is that is safest place for cyclist to be seen, and it moves them away from the parked cars and driveways. Also for drivers turning to the right they already have to give way to straight and left turning traffic within the same field of view.
The other benefit of a fully marked bi-directional lane, is that it gives people that confidence that they can cycle in this location, rather than the vagueness and uncertainty associated an open unmarked street like Vogel St.

The challenge is to keep it flexible enough so both drivers and cyclists can move with freedom when required, but also retreat to degree of safety when needed.

It also needs to feel slow and constrained enough to deter vehicles other than those accessing the adjacent buildings and carparks.

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