Chch cyclepaths getting crowded. How about Dunners?

An interesting story from The Press about chch cycle lanes now getting quite crowded at busy times. It would appear the same is happening in Wellington too. What’s your experience in Dunedin? Have you started experiencing times and locations when there’s actually a bit of cyclist congestion on the bike paths? It’s kind of a good problem to have I think.

This would be a real marker of success!

I had trouble finding somewhere to park my bike at Wellington airport on Wednesday; this is a testament to how much they have improved the link between the CBD and the airport. Very lovely ride now (just a little sketchy at the last little bit coming in to the actual airport carpark)

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I’ve definitely been noticing more people out and about on bikes this month, especially along the separated paths along the one-way system. I think the recent influx of students has contributed to this.

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no i haven’t noticed any kind of busyness or congestion on any bike path in Dunedin yet… But doesn’t mean it won’t happen eventually.I would guess as Ebike prices come down we’ll see a lot more suburban use of bikes by kids/teens to get to school. Kinda a status and practicality thing. I would say we need to get better cycle lanes near all schools in Dunedin and perhaps we can assist with an Audit or “Bikeability” score for dunedin schools and the schools support for bike parking and bike security. Someone gotta advocate for kids having safe/accessbile/healthy/eco friendly transport options, cos they are the future drivers and potentially cyclists of tomorrow.

did you take the rongatai tunnel under the runway? Did you find the designed LockyDock bike parking. haven’t used that but apparently its in the multi story carpark building.

Yup - I love that tunnel! Could use some artwork though!

I didn’t look for it - just the main bike park on the ground floor.

The multistorey isn’t very bike friendly either in or out