Charity to pay bus fares for kids and people on low incomes?

So the government subsidy for half price bus fares for young people is ending on 30th april. I wonder if it would be possible to set up a charity where people donate money to top up Bee cards for children and people on low incomes? (A bit like food banks but for public transport and active travel) It’s not just about the money - the publicity and fundraising would send very important messages, and encourage healthy active lifestyles in young and vulnerable people. No idea how one would go about this or who has the time but thought it was in interesting idea….

A great initiative Kate.

ORC looked at how we would deal with the fare subsidies ending, and we decided to continue to cover under-13s, meaning buses will still be free for under-13s (yay!). I fought to keep the half-price fares in place fully but wasn’t successful and so they will be increasing in price next month unfortunately.

Luckily, central government hasn’t removed the half-price fares for Community Service Card holders (and the gold card subsidies will continue) and so I’m hoping to promote that a bit more as most under-25s and people of all ages on low incomes should be eligible for CSCs.

It’s not a perfect system and can be a pain to apply for them but that is one way those on low income can continue to get cheaper bus fares, but any other ideas or initiatives are always welcomed:)

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That sounds like an amazing idea! It is so sad that the subsidy is stopped and if you look at the Magazine of today’s ODT and the article on Aaron Hawkins - it is exactly what we need - this kind of agency that we need to take on to l;ook after vulnerable people in our society. I will ask my students in my classes - they might have an idea on how to do this - like a Give a little page that could be accessed by people in need?

That has potential Kate. Could be so vital to some families. Could be a good Spokes promotion, even though it is bikeless. We just need an angel to come along and know what to do and have time to do it. Any angels out there??