Challenges navigating cycle lanes

Went for my first cross-town commute on bike today. I was really impressed with the cycle lane network. I got 80% of the way in segregated cycle lanes and another 10% in a marked cycle lane (without barriers to traffic).
This was great and I probably wouldn’t have attempted it without the segregated lanes.
What I really struggled with was finding the cycle lanes, and then staying on them.
Lots of signs that say end of cycle lane at an intersection. But no indication if it continues on the other side (where there is no visible sign), if there is another route, or if you have to go on the road.
I got particularly lost by the railway station. On the way back I found what I believe was the cycle lane, but there was probably a 1km stretch where I couldn’t see any signs marking it as such.

I tried google maps, but it doesn’t have the cycle routes and tried to send me on the overbridge.

DCC has a PDF map, which I used to plan the route, but was not so useful when I was actually out and on the bike.

Definately impressed with the network and will try again.
It would have been much better if google had the cycle routes loaded.
Just thought I’d share my first time experience, as I didn’t expect the problem, and probably won’t think about it so much next time.