Bike Breakfast 2024 - Welcome to new visitors

A warm welcome all our new visitors… and hopefully members! Many thanks to @heike for organising the breakfast… and the weather.

I encourage you all to sign up for an account so that we can keep in touch and you can respond to discussions. Do think about supporting us financially - you can pay whatever you feel you can afford and money will be used to promote cycling in Dunedin.

Once processed and categorised we will be uploading the huge number of comments made on our maps this morning - you will then be able contribute to them further. These will go to the DCC planning department.

Thank you all that helped and attended today’s uplifting event.


I’d like to second Fraser in thanking Heike and all the other volunteers who helped to make today’s Bike Breakfast such a friendly, positive, successful event. Thanks also to the DCC staff and councillors who were there too.

New visitors, please do join up with Spokes and checkout the website and app regularly. The more members we have in Spokes the more we can connect with and support each other, work on shared goals and projects together and have more engagement with the DCC and other decision makers.

And also a big thank you to our wonderful sponsors (Bike House, Electrify NZ, Bidfood Dunedin, and Grid Coffee Roasters who supported us so generously. Also, a shout out to the team at Dunedin City Council, who helped us with many of the logistics. We are very fortunate to have such wonderful people in and around our cycling community in Ōtepoti Dunedin.