Bicycle parking at big box retailers

Though I’ve found bike parking is generally improving in Dunedin, there are a few big box stores which I often avoid because the bike parking is either lacking or non-existent. I think it might be worthwhile contacting some of these retailers to let them know that good bike parking is something many customers value. Which shops do you think need a bit of encouragement in this area? And would anyone like to add their voice? I can seek contact details for the shops and pass them on to anyone else who’d like to get in touch.

This is something I’d be very keen to be involved with. I’ve already contacted KiwiRail about the Hillside Workshops rebuild and they’ve said there will be good quality, secure, covered bike parking that’ll be expanded as demand increases. The new Te Kaika complex also has some very good undercover, caged bike parking with room for a couple of dozen bikes possibly.

In terms of actual big box retailers, they’re all pretty crap to be honest. The best would appear to be the Countdown across from Mitre10Mega. Paknsave’s is pretty yucky and I just lock my bike against the handrail closer to the entrance. The Warehouse doesn’t seem to have much on offer and I don’t know about Bunnings.

I happen to work at Mitre10Mega and I’m fortunate enough that I can now have my bike at a safe, secure, undercover spot in the drive through trade yard. The other bike parking there is a bit crap and only has room for five bikes. From what I know, there are at present only about two or three staff, myself included, who are currently riding to work.

The owner of Mitre10Mega is planning to add a new level of car parking at the store. I’m going to approach the management and firmly suggest that better bike parking is included. I’m also going to suggest that Mitre10Mega looks into subsidising or paying for staff bus fees and also helping staff get bikes. There’s little point in supporting staff with new bikes however, especially expensive ebikes, if there’s no secure bike parking.

Ruth, maybe a few of us should catch up face to face to brainstorm some ideas. A potential advantage of contacting the big box retailers directly, and getting new bike parking established within the properties of the various businesses is that we could possibly get results quicker than if the DCC gets involved. The owners of the various businesses might come on board very quickly once they realise how better bike parking might benefit their businesses. No need to get bogged down in heaps of planning and consultation, as local governments often get stuck with.

Cheers, Duncan

Great idea Ruth. I wonder if SPOKES may have a role, perhaps an email out to everyone with the key retailers, their contact emails and a pro forma email stating what is requested. I struggle with inadequate parking at centre city new world, Mitre 10 mega, the countdown on Andersons Bay Road (near Nichols), Nichols and Pak n Save south Dunedin!! Here is a great guide from waka kotahi developed with ViaStrada. Important that any parking accomodates cargo bikes too. Duncan, have you asked your employers to consider Workride to promote cycle commuting at Mitre10? We have been working on bike parking for the New Dunedin Hospital (and current hospital) although the later has been an uphill battle.

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Thanks @Duncan, that’s great you’ve already been in touch with Hillside and Mitre 10 about this. I would love to get together for a chat about bike parking! Perhaps we could have a meet-up at the Bowling Club next week, for anyone who’s interested?

@mjenks - I think that’s a great idea, and am happy to pull this together after the meet-up. Thanks also for Waka Kotahi’s amazingly thorough guide to bike parking - it’s good to know there are actually best-practice standards for this area.

Hi Ruth. Yes, let’s aim for a catch up next week at the Bowling Club. Shall I post it on the Biking in Dunedin group too and see if any others want to join?

Maybe Wednesday or Thursday around 7 or a bit after? That’s usually when it’s quietened down a bit.
Cheers, Duncan

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Could we make it the following week on Thursday 13 June at 7pm? At the Bowling Club.
(Sorry, I have an assignment due next week which has just become real :sweat_smile: )
Yes, please share to the Biking in Dunedin Facebook group too, provided the time and date work with you.

Cool, let’s pencil in 7pm on the 13th of June at the Bowling Club. I’ll post up on the Biking in Dunedin group.
Cheers, Duncan

Sounds great, thanks Duncan. See you then!

Apologies i will be unable to make this meeting as going to the NZSO :grinning: Bike parking is a bit rubbish outside the town hall though…

No problem Matt, we’ll add it to the list :laughing:
Enjoy the concert!