2WALKandCYCLE Conference

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This is the Conference that we all need to attend.

I will be at the conference Wednesday and Thursday, but on Friday my place will be taken by Kitty (Spokes Chair).

For the options, I selected 1, 3, 6, 7 &10 (and 11 &13 on Friday).

Was it any good? I missed all of it due to life incompetence!

Nathan & All,

Yes, it was very interesting. Many shared frustrations and some good thoughts about ways forward.

I also have a ’special guest’ keen to come to our next meeting, so if we come up with a time, say next week sometime, I’ll let her know.

We also need to think about putting in a submission to the District Scheme hearings.

A couple if interesting snippits from the Global Street Design Guide, which our council has signed up to.



I attended the whole conference and there were some excellent talks. I made plenty of notes and am hoping that it won’t be long before the speaker’s slide packs are available for download, since there are some interesting slides I’d like to look at more closely. (Maybe it is a Zoom-thing, but more speakers than ever ignored font-size guidance and tried to pack far too much info!)

The impression I got was that everyone knows what needs to be done… and the thing blocking a real step change in our relationship to cars in city centres is principally political. Lots of people (including councillors) were stressing the need to keep on writing to your councillors, drumming up grass root support etc, which is all well and good but it is not going to result in the rapid change required: I think NZ needs more top-down diktat from central government, otherwise the vocal anti-change minority will continue to stymie anything meaningful for another decade or so.

Anyway, looking forward to our next meeting to discuss.